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Cheap Paintball Guns


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Cheap paintball guns... in this day and age, we are all looking for the best deal... particularly in an expensive sport like paintball. You want to know that you are getting value for money though, no matter how low the price! That's where these reviews on some of the cheap paintball guns will come in handy!

(To fit into my definition of "cheap" the gun must cost you less than $150)

By the way, some of the "cheap paintball guns" that are reviewed below are only included as cheap because Xtreme Paintball sells them cheap.... Some of these guns will NOT be cheap if you buy them anywhere else.

Cheap paintball guns reviewed

Pick one of the cheap paintball guns below to read the review....


cheap paintball guns (model 98)
Model 98

cheap paintball guns
Spyder Compact 2000




Piranha VTL G2

911 Paintball