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The ACI Griffin is a nice looking paintball gun at a reasonable price ($109.99). The obvious question is whether it performs well enough to warrant buying the ACI Griffin instead of a Tippmann Model 98, which is about $30 more, or the F4 Illustrator which is about $45 more...

ACI Griffin


  • CO2 ,Nitrogen or Compressed Air powered
  • Vertical bottle or bottomline
  • No tools needed for field stripping and cleaning
  • Powerfeed for increased feed rate

The ACI Griffin is a cheap paintball gun with a very nice external finish. However, it's performance could perhaps be classified as "cheap" too... The Griffin really is a bit of a disappointment considering it is made by the same company as the F4 Illustrator, which is a very nice paintball gun.

The ACI Griffin needs some serious work to turn it into a reasonable performer. For a start, don't even think of shooting the Griffin before you have given it a good oiling. After that, well, it gets hard to fix all the problems.... double ball feeding, breaking paintballs etc. etc. The Griffin is also not a paintball gun you would want to use if the weather is cold....

The Griffin has a plastic grip frame which does not feel very durable. For some reason the trigger assembly is nowhere near the standard of the F4, and rates of fire are not very fast. Accuracy is not great either, although this can be improved a bit by adding a F4 barrel. A lot of players have also had hassles with the powerfeed.... it seems to deform after extensive use, causing a few ball feed problems.

Conclusion: A real disappointment... the ACI Griffin is not a good buy. It has way too many problems, even if it is a cheap paintball gun. My advice is to avoid this one.

911 Paintball