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Kingman EM1


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The Kingman EM1... is Kingman's top of the range paintball gun. It is an electronic marker, hence the fact that it is more expensive than the other Kingman markers. It is one of the cheapest electro-markers on the market, roughly a third the price of an Angel. How does it perform though?

kingman em1


  • 2-way single solenoid valve maximizes efficiency, velocity consistency and durability
  • Comprehensive Selection of firing modes and rates of fire: Semi-auto, 3-round burst, 6-round burst, Turbo (2x rate of fire), and Full Auto.
  • Maximum 20 shots per second, one of the fastest available
  • Fully adjustable trigger pull
  • Spring back Delron venturi bolt
  • OTP premium ported barrel
  • Field stripping for quick cleaning and easy disassembly
  • Stainless steel hammer
  • Vertical feed for faster paintball delivery
  • Regulator with guage showing up to 1200 psi
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs. (without tank)
  • Barrel length: 12"
  • Overall length: 19 1/4"

The Kingman EM1 is a pretty cheap gun as electro-markers go.... but for the average player it is probably still too expensive ($429.77). But the thing that you will notice first is the rate of fire... at up to 20 shots per second, they don't come any faster! The full auto feature won't help you too much in proper tournaments though... so the question will be asked whether it is worth paying so much for all these features.

That is a difficult question to answer... there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Kingman EM1, except the fact that it is $429.77. It shoots fast and accurately, is very quite, and is solidly built. No real need for any upgrades, it performs well right out of the box. Very similar in performance to the Bushmaster. Please note: the Kingman EM1 is NOT to be used with normal CO2.

If you are looking for a quality, high-performance electro-marker without having to sell your house, then the Kingman EM1 is worth looking at. However, if you are not into serious tournaments, don't bother... the extra money for this gun is better spent buying paintballs.

Conclusion: A solid, high-performance, very fast electro-marker, the Kingman EM1 is for serious players who aren't on a tight budget. Having said that, it is the cheapest electro-marker around: about a third of the price of an Angel. A real bargain!

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