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The Minimag from Airguns Designs has won several national tournaments around the world. It really is a top class tournament level paintball gun - one that has earned a reputation on some fields as an "Angel killer". Despite the great performance it delivers, it is not anywhere near as expensive as many other top class paintball guns on the market ($549.94).


Features of the Minimag

  • Advanced Integrated Regulator
  • 4 star A.I.R. Valve Assembly
  • Quick disconnect vertical hose and vertical adapter
  • Blow forward valve system designed for 1000+ shot tournament games
  • Moulded grips

Minimag review

The Minimag is an extremly good paintball gun, one that you can use confidently in any tournament - assuming, of course, that you are a decent player! In fact, the compact design makes it particularly useful for tournament speedball.

The Minimag has a phenomenal rate of fire - you won't get a faster gun without it being an electro-marker. Very consistent shooting, although it could be argued that the barrel is a little short for long range accuracy. An aftermarket barrel will easily take care of that problem, though. Just remember, adding a 14 inch barrel will detract somewhat from the compact design of the Minimag.... so be reasonable.

One of the most attractive features of the Minimag is it's simplicity - nothing fancy or complicated. Extremely easy to take apart, clean and maintain. The Minimag is not only a high performance gun, but a reliable one too that is unlikely to give you any problems.

The Minimag works best on nitrogen - it doesn't like CO2 at all, unless you are using an expansion chamber/anti-siphon. This is something you will need to consider when deciding whether to get one. Other than that, there is absolutely nothing wrong the the Minimag, except the price.

Conclusion: The Minimag is a great gun for the speed and simplicity that it delivers. A very compact package that is particularly suited to speedball. If you can afford to pay $549.94 for a paintball gun, then this is an extremely good buy - the Minimag will not let you down!

911 Paintball