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The Rainmaker... this is Brass Eagle's effort to make an affordable, quality electro-marker. It is by far the cheapest electronic marker available ($369.99), but with the ultra-light trigger, high rates of fire and cutting edge features normally associated with expensive electropneumatic paintball guns.

Brass Eagle rainmaker

Features of the Rainmaker

  • Electronically controlled super semi automatic firing sequence (13 shots per second).
  • Duckbill" bottom-line, with quick ambidextrous hose attachment.
  • CO2, Nitrogen or Compressed Air powered.
  • Aerospace grade aluminum; black anodized finish.

Rainmaker review

So how does the Brass Eagle Rainmaker perform? Quite well, actually... the firing action is different to most other electronic markers, so there are no complex timing issues to resolve. This makes the gun simple, reliable, and relatively headache-free for the average player. It has a respectable rate of fire (13 shots per second), and decent accuracy and range.

The Rainmaker is a piece of cake to use with both air and CO2, though air provides a much more consistent velocity. A straight CO2 tank results in very erratic velocity spikes and drops, so CO2 users will likely want to use an anti-siphon tank or run remote to keep liquid out of the gun. It's probably better to use compressed air, or nitro.

Although the trigger pull is light, it is also very long... not a major hassle, but it could have been made better. When fired, the Rainmaker has a slight, barely noticeable delay between the time when you pull the trigger and when the gun actually fires. It doesn't really affect play, but it takes some getting used to.

Conclusion: Excellent performance for the price. Would require some "tweaking" to get the kind of performance associated with more expnsive markers, but at $369.99 the Rainmaker is almost $1000 cheaper than an Angel.

911 Paintball