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F4 Illustrator TP


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The F4 Illustrator TP is basically a normal F4 with the addition of a few extra features. It retains the same excellent "performance for price" ratio of the F4 - but it is a better paintball gun! A really excellent buy...

F4 Illustrator TP

Features of the F4 Illustrator TP

The F4 Ilustrator TP has all of the same features as the normal F4 Illustrator, and these extra features...
  • Gas-Through Fore-grip.
  • High Volume Cell.
  • Free-Flow Elbow.


F4 Illustrator TP Review

The F4 Illustrator was already a feature-packed paintball gun with very decent performance for the price. The F4 Illustrator TP improves on the performance, at a slight increase in price. In addition to the powerfeed, external velocity adjustment, front bottle mount, Euro grips, bottom line and steel hose, the F4 TP includes a gas through fore-grip, a high volume cell and free-flow elbow.

Like it's predecessor, the F4 Illustrator TP is a very gas-efficient and durable gun, with an excellent trigger. The stock barrel is suprisingly good and fires accurately enough for all but the most competitive players. The F4 TP performs very well as is, although upgrades are available for those who want even better performance.

The F4 Illustrator TP has no external working parts... the body is almost completely enclosed, with no access for dirt, paint and moisture. It is, however, still pretty easy to strip and clean. For me, the fore-grip is the best new feature - it makes the F4 TP very comfortable to carry and easier to move around and fire accurately.

Conclusion: Another great buy! Very reasonably priced (under $170), you get a really feature-filled paintball gun with very good performance. Recommended for anyone who wants a quality marker without paying more than $300.

911 Paintball