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Someone in need of help
Hello My name is Justin Tippen and I am the captain of a paintball team in Frostburg Maryland. We are a five man team and we all use Spyder paintball markers. There is a new league starting in our area and and there are 7 games in the season 1 game per month and it costs $300 a team to join the league. Our team is in need of sponsor
ship to help pay for our uniforms, paint balls, entry fee, and some gun upgrades. We have been doing a  fund raiser but we did not get enough money to do all that we need to do to get in to the league and be competitive. We are very good at the sport and think that we may have a good chance if you could help us in any way would
you please contact me Justin Tippen at or by phone at 1-301-###-5075. Our team will do every thing in our power to help you advertise or any thing else that you need us to do for you if you could help us with any of the things that we need. We have a resume and all other info about our team that we can
send you if you are interested. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter and i hope to hear from you the tournament starts on April 14, 2002. Our team has been trying very hard to get sponsorship but every place that we have tried so far has already sponsored all the team that they are going sponsor for the 2002 year.

Thanks for the email Justin.  We don't sponsor teams, however, we can give you some advice in getting a sponsor.  Though I find it very rare you will get one by April 14.  First make sure you have a very good written résumé.  It should be at least 3 pages typed, single-spaced.  In it you will need to say something about you and your teammates, previous sponsors, if any, games that you will be attending, and a contact list.  The best way to get a sponsor is to check your local corner stores or any family owned businesses
in your area.  If that doesn't work try some major paintball sites.  I
managed to hook an agreement with Diablo less than a month ago, although I sent my résumé back in January.  Maybe you will have better luck, and they will respond more quickly.  Finding a sponsor also depends on where you live, too.  Most agreements for a paintball sponsorship require to buy only the company's paint by calling the phone number.  With Diablo, you get so many points when finishing first, second, and third in tournaments.  But then fine print comes in.  You can only get the points if Diablo is sponsoring the tournament.  To help your teamout even more, you should build a cool looking site to get attention.  That's what I did, and now I get about 150 hits a week.  I also find it easier if you don't have one captain doing everything.  In our three man team, we don't even have a captain.  We split all the jobs up, and have each person in charge of a specific job. For example, it is my job to keep our website up and running.  I had a list of about 30 companies that do sponsorships, but I got rid of them when we got our sponsorship.  I'll look for them, and send them to you as soon as possible.  When you get your site up, if you decide to, let me know, and we can put ads for our sites on each others site.  That way we both can get more hits.  I wrote an article on how to get a sponsor.  Visit the site ( for the article.  I've included a list of about 30 different companies that sponsorteams.  Well I hope this has been a help to you and your team.

A Desperate Player

Hey man! I will shoot you. I live in gulf
Breeze Florida. My Team Is better than your team
and we dont play speed ball much. we'll take you on in the woods at lousianna, hope I spelled that right, at the state park in the woods. we'll meat you there  on 3/4/02 at 12:00p.m E-mail me back and tell me what kind of guns you got and stuff.
Thanks for your email SMermaid5.  I hope your name doesn't affect the way you play.  We are already playing that day.  Sorry.  Why don't you play at West Point.  We are going to be there.  If you want to know what guns we have, just look at our portfolio.

We know, we need pics

Whats up man. Like you said about the pics you need them. the page is good but pics will make it awesome. Our team sounds pretty good. please write me back and send pics of and about your team and i will tell you about my team.   


Dude, just look at our pictures section.  Even though we don't have our team photos up yet, which are coming soon, we have tons of pictures of markers, barrels, and the like.  Man, why don't people just look first.

If you have a question that is burning to be answered, just send it to us.  We would be happy to answer it.


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