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So you play paintball, do you? Then the chances are that you have spent some time thinking about paintball guns... which one to get... which is the "mother" of all paintball guns... how to improve the one you have already...

Not all paintball guns are created equal... Each player has his/her personal theory on what the best paintball guns (markers) are, and why.... Unfortunately, this can cause serious confusion for beginners and those looking to buy or upgrade their own gun. So many choices!

player with paintball guns

Armed with the right information on the various paintball guns, finding the right gun for you is a snap - whether you are a recball player or a tournament player. Without the right info... well, it's easy to land up wasting your hard-earned cash!!

To the left you will find links to a wide range of info on paintball guns, including gun reviews and info on accessories and maintenance. So... before you spend any money on paintball guns, make sure you are armed with the right information!

We changed our address and name.  It is now 911 P8ntball and our address is  We also changed the look of the site.  We are looking forward to your feedback.

We now have 2 more gun reviews, the F4 Illustrator and the F4 Illustrator TP.  You can also find them by visiting our gun reviews section and clicking on ACI Paintball Guns.


Tired of our old message board, and the really boring look.  Well, we completely redesign the message board with color.  Check it out now.  There are a lot of extra features that you can use as well.


So, you are a pro and need help.  Don't worry, we now have an article just for you.  With this 2 page article, you will find everything that a pro should know before he plays in a tournament.


How do you store paintballs correctly?  Most people don't even realize that storing paintballs the proper way can save you a lot of money.  Read on to find out the right way to store your leftover paintballs.


How do you make a silencer for a paintball gun, you ask.  Just click inside to find out.  It gets down to the point with every last thing you need, and need to do.


Want your very own email address FREE?  Now you can.  Your email address would be  No more sharing your email account with anyone.  This is totally free.  Click here to act now.

Prefere reading offline?  No problem.  Subscribe to one of the great paintball magazines that are available.  Just visit our Magazines section of our site.



Tired of playing of the ordinary team vs. team?  Want to try a different game, but don't know any.  Your in luck.  A huge list and full details of each game inside.


We now have a news archive page up and running.  As the stories on the main page grow old, they will be moved to the archive.


What a update.  We now have over 30 new paintball gun reveiws.  Click here to check them out.  We also organized them differently to make it easier for you to find what you want.

Tippmann's new A-5 is now on the American market.  The All New Tippmann A-5 is a high performance paintball marker with the patented Cyclone Feed System. The Cyclone Feed System Links the Feeder Sprocket to the Air System. . . 

                                                 FULL STORY

Paintball marker of the week:

Rebel 2002 Xtreme

Upcoming Events:
  • 8th 3 man Speedball tournament - Fort Splat Website
  • 14th 3 man Sup Air tournament - M&M Paintball Website
  • 22nd 5 man Tournament - Three Rivers Paintball Park Website
  • 23rd Hooters Open - Pentagon Paintball Website
  • 24th Young Guns 5 man tournament - Fort Splat Website
  • 24th 5 man Tournament - Three Rivers Paintball Park Website

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