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1. Choose obstacles that will protect you while allowing you to look around and to shoot back. Don't bury yourself somewhere.
2. Keep ready to move any moment. Don't stay in uncomfortable positions -- your limbs will get "sleepy".
3. Always look for a retreat route, and make sure it stays clear of opponents/ opponent paint.
4. Be a small target. Watch your marker, your legs, your hopper, your butts.
5. Stay in the shade, beware of reflections.
6. Look around, even if you have to expose yourself to do so. Try to locate your opponents and your teamates.
7. Look by the side of things rather than over them, and move slowly: movement will catch the eyes of your opponents.
8. When you are in a hiding position, don't move.
9. When an opponent looks your way but doesn't seem to spot you, freeze.
10. When you attack, stay low. When you explore, stay high.
11. NEVER position two persons behind the same shelter.
12. NEVER immediately go to a spot where one of your teamates has just been shot. If you do have to take his job on, do it from a different shelter.
13. If you are in the center (between the side limits), don't be the farthest of your team -- you'd be shot by all of your opponents.
14. When you are behind a "solid" shelter (barricade, wall...), don't stay against it, but a little back, so you will be able to move out already aiming, instead of having to go out, and then aim.
15. Also, protect your legs. A good position is to sit with your legs against the barricade.
16. Choose a barricade which allows you the greatest field of fire.
17. When a ball barely misses you, MOVE! Don't give that person a second chance to aim again, and this time, get you.
18. Get Kneepads if you plan to be on your knees a lot.


1. Go from shelter to shelter. Always know which shelter you want to reach.
2. Move when the wind blows, it will be almost impossible for your opponents to hear you.
3. So, when the wind blows, keep your eyes opened for an opponent who knows that trick.
4. When moving, try using teamwork, with teammates giving cover fire if necessary.


1. Point your barrel in the same direction you're looking in, so you are always ready to shoot.
2. Practice shooting while running.
3. Learn to shot both right and left handed.
4. When you shoot at a running opponent, shoot in front of him so he'll run into your paint.
4. When you are behind a shelter, don't shoot from thee same place twice in a row.
5. Be calm, don't always shoot back when someone shoots at your shelter, but de ready for someone running at you.
6. Don't hesitate to shoot at an opponent you can't see, if it'll make him nervous or help a teamate.
7. Shoot at an opponent when a teamate is moving in on him, even if you know you won't eliminate him, so that opponent will rather look your way.


1. Play with a teammate, in group of two.
2. Never let your buddy down. If you move, tell him.
3. Be smart, but disciplined. Listen to (and ask) a teammate who has a good viewing position. Tell your teammates what you see!
4. Use a code. The main purpose of a code is not to keep your conversations secret, but to summarize long sentences in short words, and to state what has to be said, i.e what is important information.
5. Frequently look at your teamates, thay might have moved without telling you.
6. Never surrender, even if your marker is down. Stay, and pretend it works. You can also be used as a "goat".
7. After each game, review what you have learned, imagine all the things you could teach new players.


911 Paintball