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Did you miss something and can't find it?  Don't worry.  All old stories will be placed here.  When it starts to build up, we will set up a more effecient, organized way to find past news stories and articles.
(Before April 12, 2002)
It's here at last!  New version 2.0 with an all new interface.  We decided to change because the old colors made us sick, and the layout was horrible.  With version 2.0, say good-bye to the bad layout, and say hello to a more usable way of getting the information you want.

The day has come.  We now have team photos up.  Check them out by clicking here or visit our pictures section.

To make your time at 911 Paintball easier, we added a download link to download any of our great gun reviews.  It works great if you have a limited time online.  To add to that, we reviewed the Piranha STS G3, now avaible at our gun reviews section.

Our article "How to Get a Sponsor" is now up.  It is complete with a huge list of sponsors.  This should help beginners looking for a place to start.  We are also looking for people to help write reviews.  For more info, visit the message board.

911 Paintball