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Spyder Compact 2000


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The Spyder Compact 2000... aimed at the "entry level" market, this marker is very cheap, under $90. However, it performs remarkably well for the price. Yes, you can get other paintball guns which will out perform it, but the price will also be a lot higher. Probably the best performing "under $100" paintball gun available.

spyder compact 2000

  • Semi-auto action
  • Powerfeed
  • Low pressure chamber
  • 45 grip with rubber grip cover
  • Raised mini sight rail
  • 2nd Generation Venturi Bolt
  • Anti-double feed
  • Vertical adapter
  • External velocity adjuster
  • Muzzle brake barrel
  • Filter system
  • Composite trigger frame
  • Double trigger with regulation trigger guard

The Spyder Compact 2000 is honestly a great buy for the price... it might lack the feature set of the high-end blowback markers, but it performs really well for a paintball gun that costs under $100. If your budget doesn't extend beyond this range, get this marker!

The one good thing about the fact that it doesn't have an awful lot of features is that it doesn't break down often - it is simple, durable and will shoot reliably under most conditions, especially if you upgrade the barrel. It is accurate and fast enough for recreational play, and won't jam or break balls very often.

On the down side... the Spyder Compact 2000 is essentially a beginner or recball marker. Don't even THINK of using this in the next World Cup :-) Although you can use the vertical bottle to hold it, you might want to get a proper foregrip and use a bottomline setup instead. Make sure that you oil it before and after every trip to the paintball field.

Conclusion: At under $90 the Spyder Compact 2000 is a good "value for money" buy for any beginner. If you are a more regular or serious player, you will probably want a (more expensive) paintball gun with more features...

911 Paintball