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Piranha VTL G2


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The PMI Piranha VTL G2 is a very competent entry-level paintball gun, which includes a fair number of high-end features at a very affordable price. It is also a great starting point for people who are looking to hop up their marker with regulators, nitro systems, and aftermarket barrels.

Piranha VTL G2


  • Rear-cocking over-under blowback style 
  • Vertical ASA with low pressure chamber
  • Powerfeed with shut-off plug
  • Teflon coated internals
  • Quick-strip system
  • Double trigger and .45 frame
  • Velocity Adjuster

Given the low price, the Piranha VTL G2 is a suprisingly good marker. Construction of the Piranhas is simple, but very consistent and clean - it is a "good looking" paintball gun. Maintenance is extremely easy - the quick-strip system makes it a pleasure to take apart and re-assemble.

It is the performance of the VTL which makes it such a good beginnner's gun. The double trigger, although plastic, is very well made and comfortable to use. The trigger pull is a real treat, making decent firing rates easy to achieve. The Piranha VTL doesn't chop paintballs much, unless you are using really cheap paintballs.

Gas efficiency is good as well. There are a huge number of upgrades available for this paintball gun - this is what makes it such a great entry-level marker. As you get more involved in paintball, you can upgrade and add more and more features until you have a very high-performance blowback marker.

The only negative thing about the Piranha VTL is the stock barrel. It is only 9" long, and has relatively poor accuracy. However, if you replace this with a decent aftermarket barrel, you will find the Piranha to have decent accuracy and range.

Conclusion: The Piranha VTL G2 is a really good entry-level marker. For the price ($88.77), you get a highly-upgradeable, feature-laden marker that offers solid performance. Well worth the money.

911 Paintball