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Spyder Shutter


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The Spyder Shutter... this marker is Kingman's top-of-the-line blowback marker, and represents an all-out effort to cut aftermarket manufacturers out of the Spyder business. It is certainly a very popular paintball gun, and it looks kinda cool... but how does it actually perform?

spyder shutter


  • VIZION custom receiver with air flow vents
  • Premium custom color anodizing
  • Zebra rear-cocking bolt
  • Removable gas-through fore grip with mini expansion chamber
  • Slim double trigger with smooth trigger pull
  • Low pressure chamber
  • Quick disconnect pin & clip
  • Deluxe sight rail with beavertail
  • Air maximizer valve
  • Tournament velocity adjuster
  • Powerfeed
  • 45 grip
  • Anti-double feed
  • Micro-polished, aerospace aluminum barrel with muzzle brake
  • Built-in regulator with 1200psi. gauge
  • Drop Forward
  • Bottomline setup with Macro hose
  • One year limited warranty with Kingman
  • Available in Metallic Red, Blue, or the new JAVA

The spyder shutter is a good marker with a lot of features. The built-in expansion chamber in the foregrip and the pressure regulator are some examples of the kind of thing you usually have to get aftermarket. It has a fast and snappy trigger pull, capable of matching any other semi in terms of rate of fire.

Unlike most paintball guns, the spyder shutter shoots fairly accurately right out of the box, and it has decent range too. As long as you use decent paint, it won't break too many paintballs either...Of course, upgrading the barrel will make it shoot even better, like any paintball marker! If you play serious paintball you might want to consider adding an electric trigger frame.

The spyder shutter is one of the easiest markers to take apart and clean or repair. Way ahead of the Tippmann Model 98 in this department.

OK, so whats bad about the spyder shutter? There are a few little niggles, nothing serious.... For a start, the colors are horrible if you are playing in the woods! It also comes out of the box bone dry, so make sure you give it a good oiling before you fire it. The hose going to the mini expansion chamber is also a little flimsy, so you need to be careful not to treat the spyder too roughly.

Conclusion: the spyder shutter is a decent buy! Maybe a touch expensive, but it's not hard to see why this is a popular marker. It doesn't have the same "cosmetic finish" as other markers in this price range, but the spyder shutter will easily match these in terms of performance.

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