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Spyder TL


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The Spyder TL Plus... until recently, this was one of the most fully-featured Spyders available... with virtually every part upgraded in some way. The TL stands for "tournament level", which is just Kingman's way of saying that this paintball gun includes a lot of extra features. The Spyder TL is essentially a Spyder Shutter, without the mini compression chamber and gauge. If you are looking for the same kind of performance as the shutter, without paying the extra money, then take a look at this marker...

spyder TL


  • 12" Micro-Polished TL Barrel
  • Powerfeed
  • One Piece Deluxe Sight Rail w/Beaver Tail
  • Rear-Cocking 2nd Generation Venturi Bolt
  • Low Pressure Chamber
  • TL Vertical Adapter
  • Removable Gas-Thru Grip w/ Expansion Chamber
  • Steel-Braided Hose
  • Quick Disconnect Pin
  • Tournament Level Velocity Adjuster
  • 45 Grip w/Rubber Grip Cover
  • Bottom-Line Setup
  • Regulation trigger guard and Double Trigger

Like all Spyders, the Spyder TL does not have the same "cosmetic finish" as a lot of the other paintball guns out there. It does not have a clean, consistent appearance. However, you needn't be put off by this if you are concerned with how your marker actually performs, rather than how it looks!

Extremely easy to take apart and clean - a quick-strip system allows you to pull out the bolt, velocity adjuster, spring, guide and hammer by pulling out just a single cotter-pin. This is obvously an advantage for those little accidents which require a field cleaning in the middle of a game.

The Spyder TL's double-trigger is very easy to shoot fast and get a good rhythm with, although some might feel that the trigger pull is a little long. This problem can be fixed very easily though, with a stronger spring for instance, to make the rapid fire even easier.

The TL is a light, comfortable paintball gun thats performs extremely well for the price - a really solid, very high-end blowback. If you are serious about your paintball you will probably want to upgrade the stock barrel, to improve range and accuracy. Ball breakage is very rare with this gun. In fact, the only problem you are likely to have with the Spyder TL is cold weather - it doesn't perform as well under cold weather conditions.

Conclusion: well worth the money! The performance you get is usually associated with more expensive markers. Although the shutter performs slightly better, this is a better value for money option....

911 Paintball