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The Spyder SE (Special Edition)... for years the spyder SE has been Kingman's signature paintball gun. Not a lot has been changed on the marker in recent years, though... It is starting to look a little "dated" in comparison to the newer spyders, although it is still a decent marker.

spyder SE

Features of the Spyder SE

  • Green camoflauge anodizing
  • Powerfeed
  • Anti-liquid expansion chamber
  • Deluxe raised sight rail, allowing you to see over the powerfeed.
  • Low Pressure Chamber
  • Rear External Velocity Adjust
  • Quick Disconnect Pin
  • Anti -double feed system
  • 45 Grip w/Rubber Grip Cover
  • Bottom-Line Setup
  • Double Trigger, but no trigger guard

The Spyder SE is one the best looking of the spyder series. However, most of it's features are now a little dated. Having said that, it still performs adequately. It works pretty well right out of the box, and doesn't require any time fiddling with settings. A useful purchase for beginners or occassional players.

Like all spyders, it is extremely easy to take apart and clean - which is a good thing, because the spyder SE needs a good oiling before and after each day on the paintball field. The trigger pull is OK, not as light as the shutter or TL, but still good enough for a reasonable rate of fire. The lack of a trigger guard worries me a bit...

It is a light gun that is easy to move with, which is great for speedball games. The stock barrel is not great, and should be upgraded as soon as possible. There are plenty of upgrades available for the Spyder SE, so you can basically add whatever you are looking for to the marker... versatile in that respect.

Conclusion: The Spyder SE won't let you down, but the more recent spyders are possibly a better buy.

911 Paintball