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The Kingman Spyder Xtra is Kingman's latest marker, designed specifically for the recreational tournament player. It offers all the features and performance of a high-price paintball gun, but without the high price. At under $180, the Spyder Xtra will become an extremely popular paintball gun!

Kingman Spyder Xtra

Features of the Spyder Xtra

  • Deluxe drop forward
  • Mini Expansion chamber
  • Vertical feed
  • Bottom-line set-up with micro-line hose
  • Removeable gas-thru foregrip
  • TL velocity adjuster
  • Rear Cocking 2nd generation Venturi Bolt
  • Anti-double feed

Kingman Spyder Xtra reviewed

The new Spyder Xtra is a very good paintball gun for recreational tournament players. The Spyder Xtra looks really good (it comes in a light green anodized finish), and performs extremely well for a marker of this price. The features list is a big plus - you won't have to spend a lot of money "adding on" tournament features.

The Spyder Xtra is a well balanced, accurate marker which is capable of decent firing rates. The double trigger has a nice light pull, and you should easily get 6-8 balls a second with it. The vertical feed is a big plus too - apart from allowing the balls to feed quicker into the gun, it minimizes the chances of you chopping paintballs. It should be said, though, that the vertical feed makes it difficult to aim at first, but it is easy enough to get used to. The vertical feed makes the sight rail completely useless!

Suprisingly, the stock barrel has decent range and accuracy. Upgrading the barrel is, of course, going to improve things even more. The Xtra does not break balls very often, unless you are using really cheap paint - use decent paint and you will not have any problem at all. The mini-expansion chamber helps the Spyder Xtra perform in cold conditions by preventing liquid CO2 from getting into the gun. Although the expansion chamber is smaller than expected, it seems to perform adequately.

The bottom-line setup and drop forward give the Spyder Xtra a nice balanced feel, which makes for easier snap-shooting. Like most Spyders, this marker is a pleasure to clean and maintain - really easy to strip down and put back together. About the only thing "wrong" with the Xtra is that it doesn't have a pressure regulator. This is not really a problem, though, since the Xtra has decent velocity consistency.

Conclusion: A suprisingly good paintball gun! You would not normally expect this kind of performance from a marker of this price. In fact, given the performance of this gun and the fact that it costs under $180 (depending on where you buy it), it is a real bargain!

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