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Tribal BBT


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Before the Tribal Select Fire line of fully automatic markers, this type of firepower could put you back $1200 or more. Now you can paint those clunky looking foreign guns for less than half the price. The Tribal BBT models offer a clean design with techno-style anodizing. Fully automatic, with up to 13 shots per second, the Tribal BBT provides serious firepower at very affordable prices ($438.99)

tribal bbt

Features of the Tribal BBT

  • Electronically operated pneumatics, powered by a 9V battery
  • Operating input pressure: 800-850 PSI (runs on Nitrogen and compressed air only)
  • MODES OF FIRE: Single shot (semi automatic), Full automatic - 3 shot burst, 6 shot burst, & Fully programmable up to 13 shots per second.
  • Battery life: 100 000 shots per 9V battery

Tribal BBT Review

The Tribal BBT provides extremely good performance - very fast rates of fire (even without using the autofire option), and very good accuracy, even with the stock barrel. If you do want to upgrade the barrel, it will "accept" an autococker barrel, and a wide range of other barrel types, readily. A very nice trigger pull that is easy to get used to makes this paintball gun a pleasure to use!

The Tribal BBT is reliable, pretty quite, doesn't break paintballs, and is very light. It will perform very well right out of the box, although the TOC needs to be adjusted to make it more gas efficient. This can be a time consuming process to get just right, but if you are the kind of person who enjoys "tinkering" with your paintball gun, this will not be a problem at all...

About the only bad thing about this paintball marker is the that it is a gas hog, until you tinker with it. Because it is a relatively new gun, the chances are that you will have to do any tweaking yourself. It is by no means the best paintball marker available, but in term of value for money, the Tribal BBT is excellent.

Conclusion: A great buy! At $438.99, you get very good performance for your money. The only cautionary note: if you don't enjoy tinkering with your paintball gun, you might want to consider something else. Please Note: Tribal has gone bankrupt, so spare parts will be hard to get!! A real pity...

911 Paintball