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The WPD Angel LCD is the ultimate semi-automatic paintball gun utilizing electronic technology. The Angel LCD is essentially a computer controlled paintball gun. It is simply superb.... but expensive ($1249.94). Everything about the Angel LCD is a feature... it's just a case of whether you can afford this awesome marker.


Features of the WPD Angel LCD

An impressive list of features in anyone's book...
  • Semi-automatic paintball marker .68 caliber utilizing electronic technology
  • Micro-Valve 14 Way with dual servo-assistance
  • Enhanced modes cycle rate capped at 13 shots/sec
  • Rotor-breech system
  • Speed clean breech, barrel and bolt with silenced bolt design
  • Optimum Gas Flow dynamics
  • Low pressure internals
  • Rechargeable Nicad 6v batteries with enhanced charging cycle
  • VAF Vacuum assisted feed
  • External velocity adjustment
  • Single and double trigger options available with full trigger guards
  • LCD Monitor display with push button controls
  • 45 Grip
  • Anti double ball feed
  • Includes Infinity series barrel
  • Electronic charging unit
  • External power source - compressed air or nitrogen

WPD Angel LCD review

It is said that the WPD Angel LCD is the most advanced paintball gun in the world... it certainly is an amazing marker! This paintball gun will turn even the worst player into a better player... instantly :-) And it will turn a good player into a very good one (this doesn't help you if everyone you are playing against has one - then skill is everything!!).

What makes the WPD Angel such a fantastic marker? It has more features than any other paintball gun, for a start. But the thing you will notice immediately is the ease with which you can fire more than 10 shots per second.... The trigger pull is incredible - very like a mouse-click - allowing you to lay down paint fast and accurately. For tourny players, this is an obvious advantage. It's accurate, and it'll handle just about any paint, even during rapid firing, and in the various accelerated shooting modes. Gas efficiency is also very good... but you will need extra money to pay for all the paintballs you will get through.

What about the electronics? Do they add to the marker? The PIN number feature, whereby the owner of the gun can lock out other users, is nothing short of brilliant, as is the digital controlling of the rate-of-fire. There are also user-programmable modes, and the ability to keep track of the number of shots both long-term and short-term. Quite incredible, really...

The circuit board provides a number of features which are big improvements over the original Angel, but a lot of what's left is added bells and whistles. But that doesn't do any harm; you can use it how you wish or not use it at all and you're no worse off than you are with a regular Angel. The new board does allow a great deal of variability to suit each particular user, and just about anyone with an LCD is going to find some way to set it up to their particular needs. One thing is for absolute certain, though the LCD is far more fun to tinker with than the original Angel.

Conclusion: An exceptional paintball gun.... the only downside being the price ($1249.94) Is it worth the money? That depends on how seriously you take paintball, and how much you earn. If you have the money... well.... buy it right now! Don't hesitate for a second...

911 Paintball