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The newest edition of the acclaimed Worr Games Products line, the Autococker 2000 is the third and newest edition of the Autococker and has several features that set it apart from other semi-auto's in the sport. The Autococker 2000 has a number of new features, which make it very different from other Auotcockers.

autococker 2000

Features of the Autococker 2000

  • Enlarged Valve Chamber & New Exhaust Valve
  • Machined Radius Sight
  • New Hammer plus Nelson Spring Kit
  • Stainless Steel Pump Arm & Cocking Rods
  • Anti-Double Feed System
  • .45 Hand Molded Grips
  • Vertical Bottle Setup - Easily upgradable to Nitrogen systems

Autococker 2000 review

The Autococker 2000 has a number of improvements over previous Autococker models. For a start, the trigger has been changed to the same nickel-plated, slotless plate used in the STO. As the timing rod inserts into a hole in the trigger plate rather than a slot, the 3-way is activated earlier in the trigger pull. This makes for an extremely short trigger pull, but makes it much harder to time the gun

The 4-way valve is new and should be more reliable and work better than the valve found on older Autocockers. A beavertail is included to help prevent the cocking rod from smacking you in the goggles. A lot of effort has also gone into the cosmetics of the Autococker 2000, and it shows... this is a stylish looking paintball gun.

All in all this is a very good paintball gun. It is fast, gas-efficient and delivers very good ball flight. The Autococker is light, well balanced and easily upgradeable, although it performs well right out of the box. A barrel upgrade will make the gun quiter and more accurate, although neither of these is that bad with the stock barrel.

The trigger takes a bit of getting used to, and you need to work on it to prevent short stroking. This is the only downside of the Autococker 2000 - it is definately not a beginner's gun. If you are experienced enough to handle the timing issue, it is a great paintball gun!

Conclusion: With a host of performance and cosmetic improvements over past guns the Autococker 2000 is the best paintgun to come out of WGP short of the STO, and even betters the STO in a couple areas. Going for $389.99, this really is one of the great deals in paintball.

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