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68 Automag


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The legendary 68 Automag was the first semi-automatic paintball gun to win a national tournament (Team Swarm at the 1991 International Masters) and has since won countless trophies around the world. The 68 Automag Powerfeed has a patented, all stainless, blow forward valve system designed for the demands of 1000+ round tournament games. .

automag powerfeed

68 Automag Powerfeed Review

The 68 Automag Powerfeed is a very good paintball gun, despite it's relative simplicity. Most of the paintball markers of similar performance are quite complex and difficult to field-strip and repair. The Automag Powerfeed is one of the easiest markers to take apart. It also has no external working parts, which reduces the likelihood of problems developing.

The Automag Powerfeed has a fast rate of fire, good accuracy and a very "sweet" trigger. Unlike a lot of other paintball guns, it will perform quite well without having to upgrade any components, although a few upgrades are needed to get the Automag to perform to it's full potential. The stock barrel has reasonable accuracy, and is relatively quite. It should be pointed out that upgrade barrels for the Automag are generally more expensive than for other paintball guns, because of the way the barrel is removed (give it a 1/4 turn and out it comes)

The Automag Powerfeed is a very reliable marker that you can safely use even at very competitive levels, with the right upgrades. A word of caution though: it does not work well on CO2 in cold weather. It is worth investing in a nitrogen setup if you want the best possible performance from it.

Conclusion: Still one of the simplest, reliable and consistent paintball guns ever made, the Automag Powerfeed is well worth considering. Although the Automag is no longer as popular as it was, and has been overtaken by newer markers in some aspects of performance, this is definately worth the money.

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