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Raptor Extreme


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The Raptor Extreme... this is Brass Eagle's top of the range semi-automatic paintball gun. While most of the Brass Eagle markers produced in the past are pretty much a waste of money, the Raptor Extreme is actually a decent marker, with many features and a superb trigger at a good price. A big suprise.....

raptor extreme

Features of the Raptor Extreme

  • Expansion Chamber, which also serves as a finger-grooved foregrip.
  • Custom grade red and black anodized finish with designer medallion
  • Double finger trigger, allows up to 10 shots per second.
  • Powerfeed system

Raptor Extreme review

The Raptor Extreme is a far superior marker to any of Brass Eagle's other semis. It is essentially a Raptor Silver Eagle with the addition of a few features.... but these additions certainly make a huge difference!

In terms of performance, the addition of a double finger trigger has improved the gun incredibly. The trigger pull on the Raptor Extreme is fast and snappy, and is very easy to get comfortable with. The addition of a vertical expansion chamber reduces the amount of liquid that will get into the gun on cold days, while also providing a very comfortable foregrip and improving the balance of the marker.

The Raptor Extreme is a fairly reliable marker, with decent accuracy and range. Again (as always!), upgrading the barrel will do wonders... One concern is that it has a tendency to chop cheap paintballs, but if you use quailty balls, this is not an issue.

Conclusion: All in all, a very decent paintball gun for the price ($179.99). It will not outperform more expensive markers, but provides suprisingly solid performance. Easily the best Brass Eagle semi-automatic marker available.

911 Paintball