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F4 Illustrator


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The F4 Illustrator has been around for years, and it's influence can be seen in the modern paintball guns. The basic design of the F4 has become almost a standard for this type of semi-automatic marker, even the Spyder looks very similar. It is quite simply a very effective marker....

F4 Illustrator

Features of the F4 Illustrator

  • ACI Patented Valve. The most CO2 efficient in the industry. 800+ shots from your 9oz. tank!
  • No External Moving Parts.
  • Adjustable Power Feed System
  • Vertical Bottle Adapter. Though the F4 Illustrator comes standard with a bottomline, it is easy removable allowing for a vertical bottle setup.
  • Comfort 45-Grips. Completely upgradable to aftermarket parts.
  • External Velocity Adjustment. No field stripping or tools are needed to easily adjust the speed of the gun.


F4 Illustrator

The F4 Illustrator is packed with extras that would have to be bought as upgrades on most other guns. As well as powerfeed and external velocity adjustment, standard features also include a front bottle mount, Euro grips, bottom line and steel hose and fittings. A very comprehensive instruction manual as well as a full set of tools and lube are provided with every gun.

The F4 is a very gas-efficient and durable gun. An excellent trigger and pretty good accuracy and range complete the picture. As always, the stock barrel should be replaced with a quality upgrade. Other than that, though, the F4 will work damn well straight out of the box. There are a whole stack of upgrade options, if you should want them....

Another plus, is that the F4 has no external working parts... the body is almost completely enclosed, with no access for dirt, paint and moisture. It is, however, still pretty easy to strip and clean.

Conclusion: A great buy! For a very reasonable price ($154.54), you get a good performance, and if you care to upgrade it, the F4 Illustrator will provide you fantastic performance. Probably the best "under $200" paintball gun there is....

911 Paintball