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Continuing the Brass Eagle tradition of budget markers, the Stingray II has for years held dominance in the sub $100 range. However, there have been a number of new additions to this market. The Stingray is no longer your best bet for a cheap semi-automatic... it is now a little dated...

Brass Eagle stingray II


  • Plastic construction
  • No powerfeed.
  • No vertical or bottomline setup

The Stingray has been around for years, without significant changes. It is suprisingly short of modern features: no powerfeed, no vertical ASA, not even a bottom-line ASA. There are upgrades available which can improve things somewhat. For a decent list of improvements you can make, click here.

The performance of the Stingray is poor compared to modern markers... inaccurate, with a slow rate of fire and a horrible trigger pull, it just can't compete. Ball breakage is way too common for comfort. The plastic construction also means that it is not particularly durable, and won't tolerate much roughness.

However, the Stingray is cheap... and this is what gives it a place in modern paintball. For those occasional recball players, who don't want to spend a fortune, the Stingray is a cheap compromise, although I think the
Spyder Compact 2000 is a better buy.

Conclusion: Not a great marker, it's best feature is the price ($57.88). With a few modifications, it can be improved enough to be of value to the occasional recball player.

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