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The Tippmann Pro/Carbine... a solidly built paintball gun, with typical Tippmann reliability and durability. The Pro/Carbine features the CVX valve to allow for a change in the weather without changing the gun's performance. How does it compare with the magnificent Model 98 or 98 Custom?

tippmann pro carbine

The Tippmann Pro/Carbine is just as durable and reliable under all weather conditions as the other Tippmann markers... I won't go into any detail here, because this would not be a deciding factor in deciding to buy this paintball gun. In this respect, it is just like any other Tippmann.

The performance of the Pro/Carbine is not in the same league as that of the Model 98, or 98 Custom in my opinion. It has a long and heavy trigger pull, which restricts the rate of fire. The trigger can be "fixed" very easily with a $1 SL-68 trigger spring though, and this will improve the performance considerably. As usual with any paintball gun, the stock barrel needs replacing - it is really bad. However, with a decent barrel, the range and accuracy are pretty damn good.

The Tippmann Pro/Carbine is a heavy gun, not great for fast moving around in tight situations. Some people have complained about the lack of upgradeability... not sure if I agree with this! There is a fair amount that you can do to the Pro/Carbine, although it will never be as upgradeable as the 98 Custom.

Conclusion: A decent gun for weekends in the woods, especially if you like sniping. If you want to play fast moving games (i.e. speedball), the Tippmann Pro/Carbine is not the one to get! Overall, I think the Model 98 or 98 Custom would be better value for money.

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