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911 P8ntball
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Capture the Flag

This is the most commonly played game. two team each starts at a fort at different ends of the playing field, be it woods, or combat town, or even a cemetary. the idea is to get the other flag and bring it to your fort.

Center Flag

One particularly interesting game is center flag. One flag in the center of the playing field and two teams starting on either side trying to get the flag and take it across the field to the other team's bunker (base). I really like this game.

President's Men

Another variation is President's men. One person is the President and does not have a gun. He has 4 or 5 men around him that have to protect him for a given length of time.

Paris Island

Another variation is called Paris Island in which a 5 people have to protect the flag that hangs in the center of a triangle of forts, bases, and towers. A small group hides in these and tries to protect the flag. The other larger group has to get the flag 'off the island' or out of the triangle to a safe outside location.

Predator Prey

This is an interesting game. Four predators are released into the forest to hide. Then the rest of the crew is sent in to find them. Once a predator is killed they are eliminated and have to leave. But if a Predator kills a prey, the prey player becomes a new Predator. Thus the object of the game for the Predator is to increase and proliferate, while the object for the prey is to kill all the predators. This can get to be pretty interesting, if the Prey don't have to check with a referee to become Predators. All a predator has to do is kill a few of the prey in the back of the pack and watch them open fire on their own teammates as they become predators. This can be abused, so it may be better to have the new predators check in with areferee first to be readmitted.

Bunny Hunt

One bunny goes into to hide in a large forest, and bunch of other player's (hunter's)have to kill him.

Freeze Tag

Another capture the flag variation. If you get killed a teammate can tag you back in. This gets silly after a while. You have to defend and protect the killed player's so their friends don't tap them in.

Hostage Rescue

One team must rescue a hostage from the other team and return him "home" unharmed. This game gets very interesting.

Kill the Leader

Each team must kill the other team's leader. Each team has to defend their leader. This can become interesting when a traitor is introduced to each side. One player is a traitor and can turn against his teammates, usually designated by the referee. However, adding traitors makes the game more confusing.

Run the Flag

This is another capture the flag variation. Two teams each starts with their own flag in their hands. They have to charge with their flags to the other teams base and hang it there. No need to go get the other teams flag, you (sorta) start with it. The challenge is getting there.


Two players are prisoners and are trapped inside a base. There are a few guards outside. The prisoners can only leave from a designated entrance. The guards guard that entrance. The prisoners' friends are on the perimeter waiting to recue their friends. The prisoner's have no weapons, the guards do. The prisoners' teammates can't fire at the guards until the guards fire at the prisoners. The object is to get the prisoners out without anyone getting killed. The guards succeed if they kill anyone.

Get the Bands

Every player for himself, and each player has an arm band. When you eliminate a player you take his armband away and he dies (leaves). When time runs out the player that has the most arm bands wins.

Old War

Two teams line up in straight lines facing each other, can't move. Fire at each other. If get shot must lay down. Winning team has last players standing.


A few players are in a building with small holes in it. Fifteen minute time limit. All other players must kill the two or three players in the prison. Either by shooting their guns, shooting high up and landing them, or from other towers far away. The two in the prison just have to stay alive.


This is a nice game to end the day with. A few terminators (2-3) have a duct taped X on their chest. To kill them you must hit them on the center of the X. The Terminators run around and kill the other 20 players. You can also add the requirement of having to shoot the Terminators once in the center of the X and once on the back. We tried this once, and the Terminators wasted everyone! It is a nice way to end the day!


Two players stand back to back than take 10-20 steps forward. Thann on some ones mark they turn and fire! (Very fun to do, A good way to deside what the teams will be.)

DRUG LORDS AND S.W.A.T. (or police).

rules: each team gets a building or place on the field to start from(the S.W.A.T. can't know where the drug lords place is). The drug lords get the small boxes or what ever you choose to use(these are the drugs), The drug lords must stay in there desinated areas or buildings until the S.W.A.T. in them and start shooting at them. Then they can leave there area to hold back the S.W.A.T. However they( the drug lords) can guard there place but may not leave untill the S.W.A.T. open fire. (example: The drug lords see a S.W.A.T. but he has not open fired yet they may shoot him but may not leave there area). If a player is marked he must leave the playing field( he may come back in depending on how you want to play) TIME LIMET: what ever u think is needed depending on how many players there are. TO win the S.W.A.T. must get all the drugs. TO win the drug lords must protect there drugs Tatics: S.W.A.T. don't open fire on them untill u get enough people there to hold them back in the place. DRUG LORDS try and force them to shoot at u as soon as u see them. Once they open fire keep some good peple to stay back and protect the drugs. The seconded is called:

Batlle of north ans south

(This a good last game kind of game to wast your ammo)

requarerments: 2 teams-even and an open field

RULES: Have the two teams line up in a strate line about 20-30ft away from each other. The ref will say uyou have 10sec. and will start to count down. When he reaches 0 bothe teams start open fire. THey may not run they must stay there and keep shooting untill shot or out of ammo. Every body gets as many paintball as they like. Once you are shot or out or ammo you must leave the field( and may not come back on).

Zombie Master

One person, the zombie master, kidnapped [whoever you want - for us, it's
usually the prom queen Betty-Sue] so he is being hunted by the townsfolk
(everyone else - we found that around 10 people is pretty good). The zombie
master gets a 5 minute head start out into the playing area. Object for the
zombie master is to eliminate all the hunters (or turn them into zombies); the
hunters want to kill the zombie master and anyone he turns into zombies. If a
hunter is hit by the zombie master, he becomes a zombie and tries to kill the
other hunters; if he's hit by a zombie, he's out. If a zombie is hit by anyone
he's out. If the zombie master is hit by anyone he's out. This gets very
intense and usually fairly confusing as soon as contact is made.

Tactics: Zombie master - turn one or two hunters near the back of the pack
into zombies, then sit back and watch the fur fly as nobody knows who is on
which side. Hunters - When in doubt, take 'em out! The only thing you can be
sure of is that you aren't a zombie, but who knows about your "friends"?
Variant: Send a captive out with the zombie master - they're helpless, but can
yell and scream where they are. If anyone shoots them, their side loses. We
even had one game where Betty-Sue suddenly decided that she was in love with
the zombie master, and led us into a REALLY nasty surprise!

The line of Fire

or Presidential Assasination.

This game was a deriviative of a game someone had played on a lasertag field, it's called Presidential Assasination, and we started calling it Secret Service, or Line of Fire. It requires at least 6 players to make it anything, but more is much better. One player is chosen to be the President, he or she choses the secret service agents who will keep him alive. If there are only 6 players, the Pres only gets one secret service agent. If there are, and this is better, 16 players, than it can be 3 secret service agents. The other players have but one goal, Kill The President! The Pres and the Secret Service have two ways to win, 1.) Keep the pres alive for the 15 minutes that the game runs, or 2.) Escort the pres to the safety of a predetermined flag station. That flag station can be secret, known only to the Pres and Secret Service agents, or floating and set by the ref after the game starts, or known to both teams, which allows for the assassins to lay a trap. We like it. It's short and can be tricky. As a Secret Service agent, I had one of our agents run loudly and conspiculously upfield whilst we retired to a defensible area in another corner of the field, we almost escaped unscathed, but won. Other games saw agents laying atop the pres trying to save his butt. Often the Pres was shuttled away from the action and exhorted to "keep down!!!"



This paintball game requires a building, or a fort-type structure Half
of the players will be in a building while the others attack. The objective
is for at least 1 player in the building to remain 'alive' until time runs
out. This makes for some furious firefights. Each team can get a turn


911 Paintball