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2001 STO Autococker


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The 2001 STO Autococker is a superb high-end paintball gun! It represents an attempt by Worr Games to eliminate the need for a custom Autococker, by including the type of upgrade features associated with the custom markers. The STO is as fully featured, custom-look, and high-performance as anything in it's price range

2001 STO Autococker

Features of the 2001 STO Autococker

  • Chrome drop forward
  • Worr STO regulator
  • Vertical feed
  • Custom J&J 2 piece barrel
  • 4-way Valve
  • Chromed front-end pneumatics

2001 STO Autococker reviewed

The 2001 STO Autococker is excellent - a real performer that will allow you to compete effectively at any tournament level. The STO is much better looking than the stock Autococker (the anodizing is awesome) and it has a lot of extra features. Despite all this, the STO is much cheaper than most customized Autocockers.

The 2001 STO has a really nice trigger pull - smooth and fast. The trigger pull is longer than you might expect, but it is easy to get a good rhythm with. The .45 trigger frame, which comes with rubber Hogue grips, is made from carbon fibre. Although some people won't like this, it does keep the marker very light, and it is unlikely to cause any problems.

This is also one of the few paintball guns with a superb stock barrel - the 2001 STO can shoot fast, extremely accurately and with good range right out of the box. The custom J&J barrel is half stainless steel and half aluminum, and performs extremely well. There is no need to upgrade the barrel.

The 2001 STO Autococker will work very well on CO
2 , and better still on nitrogen. It is perhaps not the most gas-efficient paintball gun, but it is not the worst either. The center-feed, excellent 4-way valve and ultra smooth bolt all just add to what is a very good package!

About the only negative thing about the STO (or any other autococker) is that it is not really a marker that your average beginner would be comfortable with. The maintenance of an autococker is slightly more complicated than for a simple blow-back marker like the Spyder.

Conclusion: The 2001 STO Autococker is an exceptionally good marker - a good buy for people wanting a quality tournament level paintball gun, but who can't afford an Angel.

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